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The Beauty in this Life blog is a safe and sacred space for us to dive deeply into anything this life brings. This is a sanctuary to hold it all. It is an intimate conversation from my heart to yours. A place to connect and honour every part of this human experience, embracing and allowing everything that comes.

In this space, I am speaking to the deepest part of you, the place where your humanity and your soul meet. The part of you that longs for deep truth and connection. Here, we hold space for the hard stuff and see beauty where we may not have seen it before. This is a place for healing and connection while deepening into the sacredness of this life.


This blog is where I share my thoughts and experiences in hopes that they speak to your heart and offer you permission to deeply connect with your own internal wisdom. It is my intention that it helps you tune into your own intuition and knowing, while becoming aware of the sacredness that is always present. I hope it allows you to feel connected to something greater and to know that we are always being held and supported as we journey through this life. Thank you for being here with me as we explore and witness the beauty in this life.

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