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I'm Kristen

I have been on my own journey of deep healing and self-discovery for many years, and I am passionate about supporting women in their own healing and growth.


It was during a time of intense (and messy!) healing that my world turned upside down. It was a rock bottom of sorts. This painful, yet beautiful, time in my life cracked me open in a way that I could have never imagined and brought forth a deep remembering of why I am here and what I am here to do. It was during this time of healing that I became very aware of the sacredness in this life and the power that it holds. I became deeply committed to my own journey of healing, growth, self-discovery and breaking cycles that no longer serve, while also feeling a stirring in my soul to support others.


I have always loved beauty in its many forms. When I found myself on my own path of healing, my perception of beauty drastically changed and evolved. It became very clear to me that the truest form of beauty comes from depths of grief, healing, growth and the process of self-realization and remembering. I knew that I had to capture my experiences by writing about them and sharing it with others.

To me, the most potent and powerful form of beauty is the sacredness in this life. The subtle knowing that we are all being held by something greater. Beauty is the thing that we cannot see or touch, but we can feel in our being. It is this sacredness that connects us to one another and to all of life.

I would love to connect with you...

Join me over on the blog where I dive deep into my experiences, share my thoughts and my heart, explore all that this life offers and settle into the sacredness that is always holding us. You can also send me a direct message on social media.


From my heart to yours, thank you for being here.

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I have an insatiable curiosity (so many questions all the time!) I am never content with the status quo, and I always want to dive deeper.


Lifelong learning and expanding make my heart sing. I am continuously immersing myself in retreats, courses and workshops to deepen my knowledge and understanding.


I don’t like small talk, and quite frankly I don’t think I’m very good at it. I get really awkward and say stupid shit. Give me all the deep and meaningful conversations!

I am naturally an introvert. I am reserved and a bit awkward but once I am comfortable with you, look out, I’m a weirdo!


I am intuitive and highly sensitive, I feel everything very deeply. I have a strong sense of perception and often pick up on subtleties. I find this world to be overwhelming at times and I need a lot of alone time to clear and reset my energy.

I love a good laugh, it’s one of the best things!


I love music and love to dance. You will regularly find me at a Zumba class or busting a move in the kitchen.

Many people know me as Coco. This is a nickname that was given to me a few years ago. It stuck and I love it!

One of my favourite things to do is have real, honest, transparent and deep conversations and connections.

I am deeply passionate about healing, growth, and self-realization. I became a Coach and Reiki Practitioner to be able to support women on their journey through life while helping them connect to their inner wisdom and the truth of who they are. I am devoted to my own journey of healing and expansion, as well as supporting and empowering others on their unique path of self-discovery.


certified coach

Certified Coaches

Federation (CCF)

Certified Executive Coach, 2018

certified reiki practitioner

Usui/HolyFire lll Reiki

First Degree Level, 2019

Second Degree Level, 2020

Holy Fire lll Level l and ll, 2024

“Healers aren’t holy beings sent down from the light, they emerge from the darkness after learning how to heal and radiate the glow of transformation.”
~ Maryam Hasnaa
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In both my coaching and Reiki sessions, you are given the opportunity to deeply connect with your own inner truth and wisdom. I hold space for all of you to be present and support you in healing and growth.


"Thank you! It all makes sense.
I love the confirmation that I got from you. Thanks for the beautiful healing!"

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